19 Jun The marketing landscape has dramatically changed

Our increasingly social digital world has created an entirely new breed of buyer. To compete, marketers need to lead sales with
increased responsibility to create consideration, generate pipeline, and drive revenue.

Research shows important important areas for marketing to focus on and what the end buyers look for:
61%  less than traditional marketing costs, content marketing generates about 3 times as many leads.
67% more leads per month are generated by B2B companies that blog than those who don’t
86% of IT buyers use social networks and content in their purchase decisions
65% of IT buyers require at least four pieces of content to make a vendor shortlist.

Testing and understanding where you generate most of your leads is important, it allows you to prioritise your marketing activities effectively, we have a free upcoming seminar on how companies are using and understanding their data to gain a competitive advantage. You can view full seminar details here.

You can also download the full report here

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