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Essential Reporting

  • Quickly create formatted reports.
  • Reduce IT costs with automation, quality control and empowering end users to easily create and modify their own reports.
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Operational Dashboards

  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators at a glance in real-time.
  • “Drill-down” and “what-if” capabilities.
  • Standardise and consolidate key information.
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Data Discovery & Visualisations

  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Determine trends to predict and forecast future outcomes.
  • Identify opportunities to differentiate.
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How are companies are gaining a real advantage from their data? Find Out:

For Business Users

SAP Crystal Solutions Business Users

Get the reliable information you need to make better, smarter, informed business decisions with SAP ® Crystal solutions, a complete, cost effective, entry-level business intelligence (BI) solution. View business performance and KPI’s in real-time with interactive dashboards and engaging visualisations. Explore your data for instant answers to your own business questions. All without the need for help from IT.

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For IT Professionals

SAP Crystal Solutions IT Professionals

Meet your precise IT and end-user needs with SAP® Crystal solutions 2013, a complete, cost effective, entry-level business intelligence (BI) solution. Provide self-service reporting, dashboard, analysis software and data exploration, all on a common platform. Empower users to securely answer their own business questions, share their insights and reduce the need for IT to perform tedious tasks.

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For Developers

SAP Crystal Solutions Developer

.Net and Java developers trust SAP® Crystal solutions for professional reporting, dashboards, and server benefits. Improve your applications by embedding powerful business intelligence (BI) tools in the least amount of time. Protect your report designs with read-only permissions and make use of a strong community network to trouble shoot any problems, all with royalty free distribution.

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